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      For some thoughts on the kitbash process, please review the kitbash section on Fred's Advice About Collecting Transformers Page. I don't really follow my own advice, but it sounds good. That being said, let's see some pictures!

Projects for 2019

- - -
Arcee Custom Parts - Frankenstein Gets Some Work Done

Projects for 2017

Arise Sqweekimus Prime!

Projects for 2016

Can we Fixit? - His name is Bob.

Projects for 2014

Cheese Head Garrison Raffel Prizes - A large crate full of mystery!

Prime Sings the Blues! - "He's real shy, my little guy..."

Unicron vs The Death Star! - The final end to the debate! Waka Waka!

Doctor Who/Seinfeld Crossover! - "Mistakes were made. It's time they did something aout it."

Xbox 360 - For reals! Game play just got deadly!

The Moo 52 - Celebrating 15 Years of Dairycon!

Can One Boy Alone, Stop The Decepticons? - I doubt it.

YMCA! - I don't play often, but when I do, I play with toys.

High Stakes Monopoly! - Austin Powers, I choose You!

Projects for 2013

Come to the Dark Side - Now there's a Vader I can get behind.

Merry Christmas from Fred - The Fred Ed Head Edition

Who Is This Mystery Man? - Circa 1998 and 2025.

Megatron Attack! - For the Combat Hero in all of us.

Prime Told Me There'd Be Days Like These! - Featured Classic from CrazySteve.

Kreon Mini-stator Unite! - The scale I prefer.

Uncle Smokey! - Jumpstarter Races Beware!

Mini-Sore - Botshots Unite!

Projects for 2012

Another Day in the Marvel Universe - Real Sex Edition

Diorama 6.5 Special Edition - The ones folks actually asked about!

Ultimate Gravitybots Prime! - Whoa. Heavy.

Diorama IV: A Screwed Hope - Figures on the Floor!

Diorama III: Plastic Glee - The even more mangled universe edition!

Diorama II: Plastic Hulabaloo - The epic saga!

Another Day - Gotham PD Edition

Team Logan - Warming the Bench

Pikachu! I Choose You! - The source of Bayformer explosions.

Shattered Galva Cannon - Needed Upgrade

Bayformer Gobot Puzzler - What we imagine Movie 4 will be like.

It's a Darth Maul Christmas! - He's not always about the Sith.

Raffle Prize: Cheesehead Garrison Edition! - What are those crazy fellows doing next?

Cheesehead II: Electric Bugaloo - Garrison Raffle Redux

It's a Tarp! - It's definately a tarp.

Projects for 2011

Dairycon Holiday Special! - Because These ARE the Droids you're looking for!

Cheesehead Cheerleaders - Go Packers!

Merry Christmas 2012 - Fred's Workshop wished you a Merry Christmas!

Ve-Hickle Voltron - Voltron Force Assemble!

Urban Camo Bayformer Flywheels! - Now this duocon can *really* hate himself!

Classics Prowl in Animated Colors - Because it's clever!

LA Freeway Jazz - What you *really* need to travel.

Armored Hound - Gee too redux.

Gundam Bee - Two great properties ain't great together.

Animated Combiner Menasaur - Always a work in-progress.

Mech Wreck Optimus Prime - The title says it all.

Boxed FortMax - Always look at the auction pic.

Spider What? - Toys I don't want to buy.

Predaking Fail - When old cameras and poor lighting collide.

Classics Cliffjumper - 10$ Generation Upgrade edition.

Terminator - MOTU edition.

Street Sharks vs Transformers - The Sons of Cybertron they weren't expecting to see.

MOTU vs TFS - Who will win?

Transformers: Revenge of My Little Pony - Is that Peter Cullen riding her?

Projects for 2010

Obama - "Now, let me be perfectly clear..."

Happy Easter!! - Cap gets in the spirit.

Great American Spider - Fans of Twisted ToyFare Theatre will appreciate this.

Is our Children Learnin'? Our fav prez goes to toy heaven.

Ninja Samuri Turtle with purse. The best use for Yoda thus far.

Projects for 2009

RID FireConvoy - When Regular Convoy Just isn't enough...

RID 2009 Ruination - A Bruticus by any other name...

10th Anniversary ToiletBot - An official release from a truly offal character.

Animated Optimus Prime Upgrade - When regular Animated isn't enough...

Speed Convoy VS set - A look at the future...

Computron - A modern look at a Tf Classic.

Projects for 2008

Sharon - Cap finally tells her how he feels.

GAM - The Cow Goes...

Merry Magnus! - Animated starts in Hansel and Gretel. Two Leaders try to cope.

The Hunt - "It don't git no better than this." (Shoot me now.)

Autobot Monstructor! - When regular Monstructor just isn't enough...

Savage Warpath - Prime and Magnus get some troops.

O-Moo-ga Sentinal - Hey, if NachOmega Supreme is allowed...

Ghost in the Machine - When your computer *really* gives you a crappy day...

Projects for 2007

The True Meaning of Christmas - Rampant Consumerism meets Religion.

Movie Skids - Payload hits the Skids in less than 20 minutes.

Rescue Bob - Rescue Roy's Special Brother.

Savage Magnus - Savage Prime has a brother in this neo Transtech world.

Prime and the AllSpark - Questioning Bumblebee's tactics.

Faster, Slaves! - Prime motivates the troops.

You're Not Fooling Me - Bumblebee won't be tricked twice.

Happy Valentine's Day! - Hey Sailor...

Projects for 2006

Optimus Prime is Jewish? - Mel Gibson never saw it coming.

I...have no Plan - As usual, Prime comes up a bit short in the gifted dept.

Alt Sunstreaker with weapons upgrade - Like his brother, Streaker is bring out the big guns.

The Ark - Every transformer fan needs one.

Behold, Toastamus Prime - Appliancebots, Roll Out!

Appliancebots, Transform! - The Troops of Toastamus.

Projects for 2005

A Cracked Up Christmas - Dairycon's sworn enemy wishes you bad tidings.

Custom Alt Sideswipe with weapons upgrade - Come get some!

Scoot, the Brave Little Starrior - The most beloved Rammor of all.

A Universe of Huffers - Taking strategy points from Hasbro.

Projects for 2004

Well that's just Prime. His Matrix grew three times that day...

Alt Grimlock - "Me Grimlock King..."

Quikestrike's BattleSuit - I always wanted one of those...

Makin' Tracks - He's a burnin' hunk of love...

Fun with Grimlock and Swoop - The originals don't combine quite as well...

Fun with Shockblast - Who says he can't have a proper gun-mode?

Bot-Trotters - They are Wrecked and Ruined! There's a new team in town, so come get some!

Ole Pimpy - The Wreckers have a new Battle Suit...

Servo-Bot - Sadly, I made him 6 years ago, but only got around to taking a picture of him now...

Fun with Prowl and Starscream - Most Energon Autobots are supposed to have the ability to Powerlinx, right? And the Prowl/Starscream package says Energon (instead of Universe), right? Well...

Fun with TRU E-Prime - Little Prime has a big heart...

McDonalds offers Alternators toys - I drive past this everyday, so I thought I'd share...

A Legion of their own... - Not all team ups involve Transformers!

Micromaster Devastator ! - He's micro-sized with the power to surprise...

Fun with SkyBlast! - He had to pose with his, er...weapon...

Fun with Hotshot! - He's beside himself...and above himself, too.

Battle Butterfly! - Battle Ravage has nothing on this guy...

The Battle Butterfly Brigade! - And you thought Battle Butterfly was bad...

Fun with Prime! - Everyone else was doing it...

Ultimate TwinTwist! - My favorite jumpstarter gets upgraded in a big way...

SpyTroops TwinTwist - Well, I had some parts left-over, so...

Transtech Garfield - Consider this a transitional-piece between the one above and below...

BattlePants! - He needs a better name. Please send me some.

Name that MysteryBot! - You tell me what he should be called.

Fun with Rodimus! - ...and if you can find them...

Master Shake - Now with the power to surprise!

Fun with Snowcat! - Somebody has a screw loose...

Fun with Arcee! - Get your mind out of the gutter...

Who am I? - Well, haven't you wondered...

Fun with Shockwave - "I leave Cybertron in your hands..."

Wedge - Cornered, beaten, yet victory is within reach...

Walking the Dog - Someone's stuck with doody duty

And That's the News... - Rooting for the Juice...

Can You Hear Me Now? - The annoying commercial taken to its logical conclusion...

Hoist's Repair Shop - Run over by Blitzwing? Bad neighborhood? Drunk?

SkyLynx - Escape! Worlds smallest Skylynx eats Medabots!

Burger Wars - And they shall be called...

Projects for 2003

Powered Grind Wheels! - Supreme Toiletbot needed a partner. Need I say more?

SuperFire Toiletbot is ready for action. Toiletbot 2003, ho! The first in a series of 5th Anniversary Toiletbots.

Shining Toiletbot! - "This bowl of mine shines with an awsome power..."

Disco-Prime! - He's stayin' alive...won't you take him to Funkytown?

Spot, another Dairycon-exclusive, is a loyal friend to the humans. He is joined in his cheesy-struggle
by Washout, CrackUp, Ticker, Scoot, Clutterbug, Flatfoot, and Flatfoot.

Sideways Heads - Alternate head and powermaster engine transforms are appropriate.

Armada Needlenose is ready to continue the fight alongside the other Decepticons. He's brought some help, too...

Stormsword - The ultimate the right hands.

Seaspray has returned to aid the Autobots once more.

Disco Duck - Don't ask; just send me the song lyrics.

Powerlinx Smokescreen is the way a hero *should* have been reborn...

Devastator - The Ark has crashed...and Cobra got there first.

Save the Sparks! - Optimus Primal is on a mission. Why this took 2nd place in the diorama catagory, I'll never know...

Tarmac, the Traveling Transformer visits the Workshop. Read all about his adventures!

Actionmaster Starscream, with Neutrino-tank Megatron - Um...well, it's just one of those things that never turned out right ;-)

Attack of the Zombie Wheelies - And speaking of things that didn't turn out right...

Mojo wins - Well, if Mojo-Jojo got ahold of Pretender technology, he could win. This was something I tossed in because Esteban told me to ;-)

Unicron Bonus Pack - Coming Christmas 2003 ;-)

Armada Minelba - I decided to have some fun, in the style of Esteban. PolicePolice!

Projects out of the Workshop in 2002

Ape S.H.I.T. is what happens when you reformat Optimus Minor in the Beastmachines era...

An Evil Legion of Mini Toiletbots has been created for TB-2001's use. Will Toiletbot be able to survive the onslaught?

Mexican Targetmaster Wheelie is a variant only a mother could love...

Uncle Whiskey Breath, a Dairycon exclusive, is here to save the Midwest from the forces of...oh, nevermind.

TruckMonkey is our submission for the best New Year's Prime ever. Sometimes, two rights can make a wrong.

Prime Time premires shortly, so don't touch that dial!

Savage Prime - Forgot where I was going with this one, but he's cool...

Supreme Toiletbot has come to claim final victory in the Legion saga. And thus ends a proud tradition.

RID Skids is back, and with his original look. Bravo!

New Mayham Attack Squad! - It's horrible. Simply horrible. I don't know what I was thinking...

Shockwave is cold, ruthless, logical. What more could you ask for? Oh yea, a kitbash. :-)

Warpath is back, and he's bringing the heavy guns...

Campaign Car and Electrum Beast - Dairycon 2.0 Exclusives, are ready to rock your world...which is lucky, considering that Burning Monkey and Shining Spider were almost selected instead. Maybe next year.

Canadian Autobot Motormaster - I just want to state, for the record, that this is NOT my fault...

Turbomaster Bruticus is rebuilt, and ready to take up the fight again.

Projects for 2001
(If you went to BC'01, then you saw some of these in-person...)

BM Thrust with Tek Armor is my first project out of the gate. Take one BeastMachines cycle, add two parts Spawn Nitrocycles, and voila! My second-fav kitbash. Which I can assume, like Bluefire, will be ignored...

Super-Vehicon Combiner Team! - Look at the BM Gestault team you can build with just six vehicons! I'd call him BeastMachine's Bruticus, but since they re-released that old mold in japan under the name Baldicus... :-) I can't.

Dustbuster, Vehicon Drone - Another winner in the 'name the mysterybot' contest, this fellow worked overtime to describe something as-er-unique as this fellow. :-)

Behold, ODIETRON! - Sequels invariably do worse than the original, and this follow-up to Transmetal Garfield is no exception. But it begged to be done...

Soundscream will never be built. This is as close as I'm going to get.

Legion has a new Communications Drone - Boy, won't you be surprised at this latest entry. But it's a far better fate than lying dead in the burning city of BM...

The Mutant ShadowRaptor joins the ranks of Beastwars. Beware!

The Barney BattleBase! - The Dinobots get a new warrior on their team...oh god, the pain...

BeastMachines Goldbug is back in the fight, and firmly on the side of the Autobots...

BeastMachines Rodimus. - Is he Autobot? Or living God? You decide. The fate of Cybertron depends on it.

Videodrome joins the ranks of the Decepticons. Beware, beware!

R.I.D. Nightbeat sports a new look in the post-beastmachines era. He is truly a Robot in Disguise.

Metamorphisis - A look at the reformatting process as it 'transforms' a Cybertonian.

Night at the Autobop: Kup's 10,000 Tales is a look at what happens when our favorite heroes are off-duty.

Battle for the Spark: Primal vs Megatron takes a gander at our two main foes trying to settle their differences in a slightly more civil tone.

1 - 800 - Maximal will save you at least a buck or two...

Blowing up Wheelie is definately a scene that should have been in the movie...

Cheetor and the Bigbots - Now THAT'S what I call a Jazz band. :-)

ToiletBot 2001 will also be making an appearance in an unknown spot this year...will it be at a booth? Hidden in an art project? You will see! He's big, he's bad, and he's been taken over by the bad guys...

Postscript: Thank you to all of you who voted for me. Night at the Autobop and Battle for the Spark took honors in the diorama catagory. Yay!

Projects for 2000
(If you were at BC'02, then this is what you all saw of mine.)

CanBot will be taking ToiletBot's place as my 'garbage' entry this year. It's time to take out the trash! Toiletbot himself will come with an updated look, and some friends...

Flipshot, the Jumpstarter Drone! - I created this poor fellow with no name, no purpose, no faction...and people gave him one. He's now a part of Legion. A very SMALL part, thankfully...

Legion - A drone army even Megatron can't stop. Toiletbot marks his triumphant return to the convention...and this time, he's brought a few friends. It defies words. Then again, a couple o' hundred jumpstarters in one pic should defy words...I'd picture the rest, but they didn't fit...Heck, just Toiletbot alone with a mean set of weapons is worth the look. :-)

TwinSpin and TopTwist, Legion Generals - Toiletbot has turned control of his drone army over to his two best creations.

Heavy Arms, Legion Battle Drone - When TB and the drones need some heavy firepower, they call in the biggest and baddest of them all...

EchoWarrior; part human, part dolphin/bat fuzor, all hero. Fans of TFWW: 'Transformers Worlds Worst' will enjoy seeing their favorite character come to life.Warren Renfield is from the future, but he knows a lot about history...

Bluefire - Death of Blackfire, Bane of Warlord will be entering the competition this year. Created in 1999, the same year as Toiletbot, he didn't manage to enter the art contest. He was too-busy guarding my booth. This year, that will change. He's my fav; I worked the longest on him. And no one cares. :-)

Inferion, The Beastwars Combiner will be in the art contest as well. I set out to create the world's most useless combiner team...and boy, did I ever succeed. Just goes to show you, you can't make a good transformer out of crap.

Actionmaster-Fuzor Supreme Hawkeye! - Come take a look at what happens when bad ideas are taken to their bitter conclusion...

TanKorHawk, The Bounty Hunter will be another of my favorites entering the competition this year. Remember that guy from TMNT who wore a mask and carried a golfbag with hockeysticks and hammers in it? Now imagine that fellow as a transformer...

...and if you think that's bad, imagine if Voktron was sent as the emmisary instead of TigerHawk?

Scraplets, those horrible little disease-carrying monsters from the comics have escaped from the Workshop! They'll eat your transformers! Run away!

The World Cried out for Heroes...and This is What They Got - A bizarre universe where BeastMachines and MysteryMen are one and the same...

The Minibot Battle Brigade takes on Trypticon in what SHOULD have been the result of the post movie show, 'Five Faces of Darkness.'

Homer Simpson as Sparkplug Witwicky was a fan favorite. Imagine HIM trying to fix Prime!

Age of Prowl - Heroes never die; they simply...transform.

CWF - It's where the BigBots play!

Postscript: If I didn't say it before, let me say it now: thank you to everyone who voted for me in the art contest! I swept the Bc2k diorama catagory! Who-hoo!

Projects for 1999

It all Began with Toiletbot.

Toiletbot wasn't my FIRST kitbash; rather, he was the first one to make it out of the Workshop. Many of you got to see him in person at BotCon 99, and Botcon 2000. You may also have seen him in either Toyfare (#27), or Lee's AFN (#83, #97). And a brief cameo in Rob Jung's Trannies. You just can't go wrong with liking Toiletbot! Who-hoo!

The famous british plumbing inventor, Thomas Crapper, died in London in 1910 at the age of 73. The slang name of 'crapper' to describe a toilet goes back to World War 1 when british soldiers saw the name of Crapper's plumbing company printed on the toilet tanks...

Click here to see the detailed history of Toiletbot.

Because of that resounding success...?... I decided that it would be appropriate to let you in on some of the other customs that have been created here at the Workshop.

Beastmachines Seaspray and Cosmos - This was posted to ATT in September of 99 as a spoof for the folks getting hyped up on the Beast Machines toys.

Transmetal Garfield - It's amazing how far a plastic pizza and a Pez dispenser will take you...

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