In 1999, we brought you Toiletbot...

In 2000, Toiletbot has returned. And this time, he's brought a few friends.

Introducing Legion. A Drone Army not even Megatron can stop.

By Fred's Workshop

"...seeing what had become of his beloved Cybertron, TB-1 sought out an answer. Not a big fan of the 'new' technology being pushed by the 'next generation' of transformers, he sought dilgently to preserve the old ways. As curator of the Hall of Records, he made every effort to preserve all that had come before, lest the next generation forget. Finding haven in the Old Quarter, he began 'the Grand Project': to restore the cities that contained the strongholds of the Autobots and Decepticons, and make safe all that had had happened during the Great Wars. It was hard work, protecting that section of the planet from the onset of the modernization. But it was worth it. He had on-hand the most impressive storehouse of classic cybertonia in existance. TB-1 kept for posterity such important artifacts as the Plasma Energy Chamber, and Vector Sigma. All that had been known before was known again...to him, at least, and preserved for all who might inquire in the future.

Although we worked constantly, there was so much to do. He needed help...His plan was to create an army of drone workers to aid in the restoration effort of Polyhex and Iacon. TB-1 sought help within the old technology, and found what he was looking for in the 'jumpstart' and 'drone' archives.

He created his two prototypes, Topspin and Twintwist, in order to test out his improvements on the 'classic' technology. Faster, stronger, and without sparks, the two little bots proved their worth to him in trial after trial. Satisfied, he was ready to use this information to create an entire army of the erstwhile fellows to help him with the grand plan...

However, before he had a chance, Megatron discovered him and attacked, releasing his deadly virus on TB-1, destroying his two prototypes, and stealing the information on the 'drone' technology. Battered, mode-locked, and on the verge of shutting down, TB-1 did that which he hated most: he sought out the 'modern' technology, activated a 'maximal' scanning and conversion chamber, and climbed in.

The process went wrong.

The chamber was set up to scan for organic life, and finding none, settled on the closest object that could have contained organic matter: an old toilet, carelessly tossed aside during the brief time that humans occupied a portion of Cybertron. Scanning this, the change began. When finished, the chamber opened, and out crawled a transformer unlike any that had been seen before. Dented, crusty, but possessing extrordinary powers, it was thus that TB-1 was no more, and ToiletBot was born.

Reviled by what had been done to him, he swore revenge first against Megatron, and then on all other transformers not of Generation One origin. His own existance proved to him that the 'modern' ways must be purged, and that a return to the old ways was the only way...finding the remains of his two prototypes, he rebuilt them, infused them both with a part of his own life essense...creating Toptwist and Twinspin in the process. Different, better, he gave them each a portion of his own gifts: 'jumpstart', the ability to transform from mode-to-mode faster than any transformer in existence, the mastery of ancient weapony, including axe and mace, and the ability to control the 'drone' army he would soon create...no longer for restoration, but for revenge...

Warriors built to combat the evil of the 'next generation' of transformers, including G2 and Beast Wars, the are...Legion.

"Legion. With their overwhelming numbers, they are sure to succeed. A resurgence of Generation One technology, let loose to combat the evils of the Beast Machines, proving that even the cheapest G1 Transformer can beat out anything that's come since..."

Twinspin and Toptwist, Toiletbot's Legion Generals!

Heavy Arms, Legion's Battle Drone.

Flipshot, just one of many of Legions' Drones.

DroneWave, Legions' communications drone.

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