Legion, Continued...

Allegiance: Legion
Faction: Jumpstarter
Name: Heavy Arms
Function: Battle Drone

Heavy Arms is one of the many drones in LEGION. Like his fellow Jumpstarters, he's a pure technological construct, and without a spark in the true sense. Thus, Heavy Arms is immune to the effects of Megatron's virus, and spark extractor.

Heavy Arms is a one-robot army. Equipped with energon armor, making him impervious to most weapons fire. Acts as a battle platform for the jumpstarter drones. Makes use of a variety of sensors and grappling arms. Stores munitions for an entire battalion. Armed with a pair of megabeam plasma cannons, several rocket launchers, a fist-pounder, and a number of shell rifles.

Has only one mode, thus no conversion abilities. Due to his size, he makes an easier target than the other drones. His armor and weapons usually make up for these shortcomings.