Legion, Continued...

Legion Communications Drone

Allegiance: Legion
Faction: Jumpstarter
Name: DroneWave
Function: Legion Communications Drone

Quote: "Vehicon cries and screams are music to my ears."

Dronewave is a specialized Jumpstarter created by Toiletbot to aid in communications between him and his troops. Like the other Jumpstarters, he is of a pure technological construction, making him immune to the effects of Megatron's virus.

Dronewave is a Quad-changer.He transforms from robot, to cybertonian communications panel, to plasma tank, to bag of french fries. Like the other drones, has the ability to rapidly transform from mode to mode. He is equipped with full-spectrum wave trancievers, a heavy-duty plasma blaster, and a cloaking device.

As a drone, cannot think too-well on his own. Needs guidance. Occasionally suffers from modelock while transforming too-rapidly, and has been trapped in-between modes in critical situations.