Odie is tired of being pushed around by Garfield! He allows himself to be biomechanically reengineered into a pooch of pounding proportions! Behold the mighty fury of OdieTron!

Affiliation: Purina
Name: OdieTron
Function: Man's Best Friend

Quote: "Rowf"

Odietron is Transformed, and Rolling Out!

In robot mode, Odietron is armed with a titanium claw that can slash thru most metals. His armored hide is resiliant to all but the most powerful lazers. With one lick of his tongue, Odietron can knock over a small building. He can spot a mailman from up to two miles away and is able to fetch slippers at speeds up to 50 miles per hour. In addition, he carries a sub-machine gun, and a fire hydrant that can fire heat-seeking missles. The fire hydrant is dual-purpose... In mailbox mode, Odietron can do absolutely nothing except sit there, unless someone puts their hand in too-far when trying to mail a letter.

Odietron is prone to short-circuiting when licking himself. He's rendered useless in battle if he begins chasing his tail, or is offered a bone. Sometimes, he forgets that he is not really a mailbox, and will stand immobile on a street corner for months on end.