Mech Wreck Optimus Prime!

When Hasblow finally gives up...

I know there's a certain school of thought that say that, 'if it's Prime, it's sacred', but I remind these people of Energon Fatimus Prime.

Mech Tech is no different. When we finally get a movie that works, and some toys that work, they give us designs and gimmicks...that don't.

I can't help but to dislike the Ultimate Optimus Prime (or if you prefer, Optimus with flight tech). The toy is a poor execution. I mean seriously, it's as though they were doing so well with the line, then all of a sudden threw up their hands and said, 'we give up.'

So for fun, I thought I'd use current design practices, and slap together my own version of Mech Tech Optimus Prime. I will call this new series, 'Mech Wreck.' Borrowing design elements from various Primes, and utilizing about five minutes of my time, I've cobbled together a pretty sweet ride. Check it out:

Yes, it's the Camper top of Doom! There's no practical reason to have an entire trailer when a stub will do. This contains everything he needs to take the fight to the Decepticons, and at the same time being more fuel efficient.

The trailer not only opens into a weapons platform, but also becomes a flight pack with a very simple transformation. No struggling to combine the bits here:

You'll also notice that the swords can double as rotor blades, giving him additional stability and hover capability in-flight.

So that's pretty much it. Why spend 70 dollars or more when you can make one of these with what you have already lying around?

As much as people enjoyed Optimus Prime kicking butt and taking names, it does seem a bit out of character for him to outright kill the enemy. Guess you can only push him so far.

Normally I'd have a good closer here. Something to tie the piece together. Not today.

(Webmaster's Note: I've got a good closer. "Behold...Optimus Prime...and his Armada." On second thought, maybe I should let Fred do the jokes... :-))