"And That's the News..."

Notes: As much as people enjoyed Hoist's Repair Shop, I believe they hated this one. The joke was sloppy, but I wanted to find a way to either make a reference to OJ's run with the white Bronco (oddly, Botcon fell on the anniversary of the bronco chase), or to make people compare Rook with Walter Cronkite. (Yeah, I'm old enough to remember him...and yeah, Rook isn't in this pic. I didn't have him until Botcon, this was the pre-pic.) You know what they say, about the best laid plans... :-) Oh well, I still liked it. I liked the car charse, the helicopter following, and the newsdesk putting out the APB. If you look close at the TV monitors, you will see a pic of Galvatron with the heading 'bad comedy' on it. :-)