Allegiance: Maximal-Mutant
Name: Ape S.H.I.T.
Function: Ground Commando

Quote: "I'm a lean, mean, bananna-eatin' machine!"

Optimus Minor is transformed! Originally created from one of Megatron's rash cloning experiments, and reformatted by the Oracle, Ape S.H.I.T. is ready to kick Bot!

Unparalled strength in ape mode. Able to level a brick wall with one punch. In S.H.I.T. (super-high-intensity-transport) mode, able to reach speeds of up to 600 mph. Can use twin scattershot rifles in either ape or vehicle modes.

Since he no longer has his robot mode, Ape S.H.I.T. must learn to control his primal fury and hostile instincts. Will sometimes fly into a mindless rage when in ape mode. Is prone to flipping in vehicle mode.


Notes: I can't believe this thing works. I made it from the leftover parts of another kitbash. It's pretty much all screwed in. I could put these parts back on the original bots if I wanted to. I was really happy with the way the canopy screwed into the back of the ape. I wasn't intending on building this, honest. The parts were just laying in a heap resembling this when I was done with another project. All I added was about 30 seconds of my time. Yes, he really rolls! Parts of Opop, Scavanger, and a jumpstarter are all visable.