Night at the Autobop: Kup's 10,000 Tales

Kup: So there I was, on Hydras Four...(hiccup!)

Wheeljack: My God, all that energon, and he's still talking! Doesn't he
EVER shut up?!

Kup: Experience, my boy. You should learn to appreiate it.

Blurr: Huuurg! Wooog!

Windcharger: I TOLD you not to drink it so fast.

Grimlock: More beer, Mr Kup?

Kup: Shaddup kid, I'm tryin to talk here. So as I was saying...

Prime: ZZZZzzzz...

(Again, apologies for the bad pics. This was my fav for 2001. Took 2nd place.)

Notes: I just HAVE to explain the obvious in-jokes on this one. :-) Blurr is throwing up because he drank too fast...Blurr, fast? Hehe. Prime dozed off because Kup put him to sleep with his talking. Imagine. Prime, the leader in epic-length speeches, dozing off from someone else's babbling...Wheeljack and Windcharger are lying prone in this scene, just like their corpses were in the movie. The implication here is too-obvious. :-) Wheelie is completely inconsequential in this scene. I needed a bot to play the videogame. He was closest. Originally, in that large hole in the scene, I had Ultra Mgnus. Unfortunately, while filming, he found he couldn't deal with it right now, so...