Armada Seaspray

Allegiance: Autobot
Name: Seaspray
Function: Naval Defense

Quote: "Be as unyielding as the ocean waves and your enemies will fall."

Displays a zest for his job unmatched by fellow Autobots. Loves the ocean and its creatures...unhappy when he returns to land and reverts to robot form. Can go 120 knots, 4000 mile range. Has sonar, radar, and underwater surface-to-air lasers, which are also used in robot mode.

Notes: Ever since I saw this fellow in the Mini-Con assortment, I've wanted to revive him as Seaspray. It looks just like him in vehicle mode! I know he's not a fav of a lot of folks, but I've always had a soft spot for him. A little bit of paint, and the removal of that goofy launcher, and viola! Now, all I need is to repaint Tidalwave into Broadside, and I'll have a great G1 revival on my hands. :-)

(See Also: Smokescreen)