Armada Smokescreen

Allegiance: Autobot
Name: Smokescreen
Function: Diversionary Tactician

Quote: "A look can be decieving; a touch can be lethal."

Whether engaged in battle or conversation, an ulterior purpose usually exists. His job is to lead the enemy astray. Sneaky, but charming: considered the most devious yet most trustworthy of Autobots.

In crane-mode, emits thick smoke from pipes...attracts to metal. Crane-launcher can lift up to 10,000 lbs, or smash thru a cement wall with one punch. Missle launcher fires electro-disrupter shrapnel, which wrecks havoc on enemy guidance systems.

Notes: Well, since the other Armada toys are going thru a Powerlinx redeco process, it seemed appropriate. Like Powerlinx Cyclonus paying homage to Springer, this fellow pays homage to the original Smokescreen. In theory, one could argue that if it's got the right colors, then...maybe it's got the right spirit, too. In this display, I have a busted-up original smokes and seaspray, in order to compare. What doesn't show up in the pic is the small '38' I have on my repaint. :-)

I've often thought that this fellow's Mini-Con partner should be the repainted Seaspray I did for this series.