Allegiance: Autobot
Name: Skids
Function: Autobot/Human Relations

Quote: "Deep down, we are more like than unlike humans."

After the final showdown with Galvatron, Skids requested reassignment to earth, and a reformatting. With no other transformers currently active on earth, Skids has found plenty of free-time from his official duties to pursue his earthly explorations, along with his human friend, Charlene. :-)

Enormous memory capacity. Carries a 20,000-volt electron blade, and a 600-ft-range liquid nitrogen rifle.

Can get so caught up in his thoughts that he daydreams himself into a tree at 60 miles an hour.

Notes: I needed something to test out my new 'metallic-blue' paint on before I did another blue bluestreak kitbash. Since I always thought Skids was done an injustice in RID being what he was, I...fixed it. :-0 Made him more true to his G1 incarnation. Nothing more than paint, some masking, and of course disassembly/reassembly. The big autobot sticker is one of delta's reprolabels.