Another Mysterybot has been named, thanks to and

He had no faction, no was a mystery what he did until now:

Allegiance: Decepticon
Name: Videodrome
Function: Psychological Warfare

Quote: "Look at me, Autobot?!? Hypnotize, hypnotize!"

Videodrome is a rolling nightmare for the Autobots. Able to hypnotize a being on sight. Uses his powerful grappler arm and hypnotic head cannon on his prey to bend them to his will.

Able to instantly download any transformer's mind into himself for analysis and extrapolation, in essense able to 'read' another transformer's mind. Predictions on future decisions by that transformer can also be made based on the downloaded copy. Has a temporary ability to imitate the voice and mannerisms of the downloaded transformer. Hypnotic ability aids this process. Hypnotic ability also allows him to control a transformer, planting suggestions in his mind that can be acted upon immediately, or subconsciously at a later time. The Junkions are especially suseptible to this, as they will stare at his alt-mode (a television) for hours at a time.

For the copying process to work, Videodrome must hypnotize the target 'bot before the download. Having downloaded so many different transformer minds over the eons, Videodrome no longer has a personality to speak of, merely remnants of others. This has made him extremely unpredictable, and a tad insane. The downloaded personality is only temporary, lasting a short time before dispersing. Due to an unkown defect in the technique, a mind that has been downloaded once cannot be downloaded again. A stronger-willed Transformer can usually break Videodrome's hold on him.