Autobot Monstructor

Behold, a friend for Autobot Spike! Not knowing what possible purpose the monsterbots could serve, Optimus Prime and Wheeljack had them deactivated and placed in the empty cave they'd previously stored the Dinobots. Years later or earlier, Optimal Optimus, having need of troops to combat the new threat posed by the Predacons, dug them out and presented them to Rhinox. With some fiddling, they were able to combine them into a being of useful usefulness! They named him Autobot Monstructor, both because that's the way naming names went those days, and because if the micromaster Decepticon Monstructor complained, they would just step on him...

Autobot Monstructor has several modes, including robot, dinosaur, and spacecruiser/gun emplacement. In-addition, if he needs to 'up the ante', he can temporarily activate a secondary robot mode, where he imitates Omega Supreme. His enemies flee before him.

Cruiser top View

Tail Cannon Deployed (Top) | Tail Cannon Deployed (Side) | Crap Mode

Notes: I have to say, I'm rather happy the way this turned out. Everything basically screwed together (I have one part held by a magnet). He actually transforms. :-) Cool, huh? Other than needing an actual name ('Monstrocity' came to mind) he's pretty nice. If the continuity doesn't make sense, congratulations. You're finally catching on. Oh, and if you swear you've seen the dino-mode somewhere before, you did. Question: you think this is what the TF Animated Ark would transform into?

Either way, this is my favorite one yet!