This was inspired by a submission from Soundwave9 to a previous 'name that mysterybot' entry. I liked his submission so much that I created a kitbash and fleshed out a tech spec just so I could highlight his idea.

Allegiance: Junkion
Name: Prime Time
Function: VP of Advertising and Marketing

Quote: "Don't touch that dial!"

Another member of Legion! Just when you thought Toiletbot and the Jumpstarter drones had no one to speak on their behalf, along comes sweeps week in the form of Prime Time. :-) If you didn't suport the legion cause before, you will now. He has a way with people...

In either mode, his tv-torso plays movies, commercials, and videos featuring G1 propaganda. He is highly intelligent, and persuasive. Communicates vocally thru quotes and phrases used by G1 transformers, similar in style to the way the Junkions mimic 80's tv. Also able to broad-beam his message directly into the minds of robot and human alike via the transiever dish mounted near his brain casing. Built-in hover-repulsors in legs allow him excellent mobility over any surface. Powerful arms capable of reaching out and grabbing beings so they do not try to escape his spiel before he is finished.

Those who aren't interested in transformers, or who were not children of the 80's are not susceptable to his propaganda (and barely understand his speech). Transciever dish mount is fragile and easily broken, eliminating his ability to meddle in minds. His transformation jams easily, usually rendering him stuck in console-tv mode.

Notes: Words fail me. :-) The TV is one some may recognise from my Homer as Witwicky diorama. Big Convoy head, Magnus arms, TM2 Iguanas hands, and a pair of legs from a knock-off GI Joe exo-suit complement this piece nicely. I don't remember what the radar is from, only that I picked it up at Goodwill.