Allegiance: Themselves
Name: The Battle Butterfly Brigade
Function: Diversionary Cannon Fodder

Quote: "Me!,, me!..."

The same accident that created Battle Butterfly created these fellows; Dragon Claw, WarHead, and ChickenWraith. If they could work together, they might accomplish something. Unfortunately, the best that anyone can hope for is that they don't accidently shoot themselves. Their leader generally points them in a direction, then gets out of the way.


Strong and powerful, DragonClaw is impervious to most attacks, and wields titanium-laced claws that are capable of slicing thru most materials. Unfortunately, he's the least intelligent of the group, simply barging in and slashing before he knows what the situation is about. He seldome even transforms completely, preferring a hybrid of his dino and robot-modes.

Warhead is the thinker of the group, able to analyze a battle and come up with the best response in moments. Unfortunately, a speech-processing glitch prevents him from communicating his ideas effectively. Like a sufferer of Turet's syndrome, his advice comes flying out at bad times, loudly, and with a string of expletitives. His submarine mode is not waterproof, and prone to leaks

ChickenWraith Is convinced that he should lead the group. He modeled his alt-mode from the evil shadow ships he saw on an old earthen program called Babylon 5. Convinced that he strikes fear into others, he comes screaming out of the sky at his enemies. Unfortunately, his enemies don't see it that way. They see and hear what sounds like a choking chicken clucking and flapping out of nowhere. They usually fall over laughing.




DragonClaw and ChickenWraith form DragonWraith:

Battle Butterfly and WarHead form Battle-Head:

Notes: These were the leftover parts I was futzing with while I waited for Battle Butterfly to come together. Remember how I said waaaayyy back in '99 that a (certain item) was one of the first to come out of the workshop? Well, these are examples of things that usually *don't* make it into pictures...and with good reason. :-) Hehe.