...yes, for those of you who want it spoiled, the translation is below :-)

The Original English :-)

Allegiance: Autobot
Sub-group: Targetmaster
Name: Wheelie
Function: Cannon-fodder

Quote: "Only the annoying survive."

He's a barbaric little savage who survived only by pure luck. Speaks in odd rhyming sentences that piss everybody off. Binary-bonded to Daniel, an annoying little street urchin that transforms into a cap gun that fires blanks. With any luck, they'll both get themselves killed.

For fun, translated from spanish BACK to english:

Function: "forraje del can."

Quote: "I am Only molesto."

A small gross savage who survived luckily pure. Speech in the uneven sentences of rima that piss each one dull. Binary-sticking Daniel, small pilluelo of annoying street that turns a weapon of the socket that spaces in target of fires. With any luck, they want both obtain killed.

Notes: I love the failure of language between two very simple translations. It's days like this that I wish I could read the bible in the original hebrew. For all we know, it started out as a book of recipes...anyways, this little tech spec was inspired by Maz, who, to divulge the short version, asked: "can anyone tell me where they got their Mexican Targetmaster Wheelie?" Hehe. 'Nuf said. :-)