Allegiance: Autobot
Name: Warpath
Function: Heavy Infantry

Quote: "WAM! POW! Let's get 'em, boys! ZOWEE!"

Has served faithfully under a number of Primes. Hails from the same district of Cybertron as Rattrap and Packrat, respectively.

Expert in munitions. Can fire numerous morters in succession from his gatling-fists. Shoulder-mounted plasma cannons can be used in both robot and hover-tank modes. Vehicle-mode extremely maneuverable. Can temporarily increase speed with built-in boosters. When in proximity of a matrix-bearer, can absorb excess energy and upgrade to Super-Warpath mode, effectively tripling his speed, strength, endurance, and firepower (he practically glows red from the power-surge).

Doesn't blend in too-well on earth due to his upgraded Cybertronian form. Easily loses patience with people who mistake him for other bots from his home territory. Odd speech impediment causes him to yell whenever he talks. Can overheat and shutdown if he fires all his weapons repeatedly without a brief cool-down period. Can only sustain Super-Warpath mode for a shot period of time before risking stasis-lock.


Notes: Not much to say. I had a gundam tank that I broke the treads on, so I salvaged the torso and arms. I've always wanted to do something with Rattrap's head... this body seemd to fit it. The shoulder guns are off of a knock-off hotwheels-esque semi that had purple wings and these guns. The legs and kneepads are off of Jetstorm, with the lower torso originally part of Scavanger. No, as usual, I didn't know what I was thinking when I built him. I never have a plan. These things just kinda build themselves. I assume he'll be part of Armada in my twisted little world...