Appliancebots, Transform and Roll out!

No Leader can command without troops. So these are for Toastamus Prime.

From the left: Toastatron, Rollout, and Blendtron.

Though truthfully, only one is actually a 'troop' of Toastamus. We'll start with the big guy, Toastamus Prime's arch-enemy Toastatron. Not wanting Optimus to gain the upper hand, Megatron also underwent the toastimal upgrade. Now sporting the ability to turn into a toaster oven of epic proportions, Toastatron, wielding his butter-fusion cannon of doom, battles Toastamus Prime for supremecy of the kitchen countertop.

Toastatron has help with Blendtron, a fuzor made in china. With the ability to blend, chop, puree, or mince his opponents, Blendtron is nobody's fool.

Utilising the jelly of combination, Toastatron and Blendtron can combine into a being of supreme power, called Dark Toast Convoy. Beware his burnt crossiant attack!

But don't fear, gentle readers! Toastamus is not alone. For he has Rollout, an appliancebot willing and able to open a can of whoopass on the enemy.

Rollout transforms into an mbp, a mobile battle platform. From there, he can make loud grinding noises, shoot serrated can-tops at fingers, and generally make mincemeat of his enemies' nerves (I know more than one person who sticks to handheld openers because of this fellow).

And of course, he combines to become the battle trailer of Toastamus Prime, lending his abilities to the leader to create a formidable combination.

Notes: A person has to wonder if I'm smoking something to come up with this stuff. Rest assured, I'm clean and sober. Which makes it all the more disturbing, I suspect...

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