Name: Action Master-Fuzor Supreme Hawkeye

Quote: "When bad ideas are taken to their bitter conclusion."

By Fred's Workshop

Poor Hawkeye...the bot with the bad luck. A scientist at heart, he has the climbing skills of Gears and the luck of Wheeljack's tech spec. Always trying to find a better way, he experiments on himself...with disasterous consequences. Looking for a fuel source to replace energon, he injected himself with Nucleon...and lost his ability to transform. Looking to cure himself of modelock, and experimenting with Protoform technology, he entered a scanning pod...but reacting to the nucleon in his system, and finding nothing better to scan than a parakeet in the next lab over, the chamber errored out, leaving him half autobot, half bird, and still without conversion powers. He was petting his faithful dog spot when Megatron's virus hit, merging the two beings. Unlike other fuzors, who can transform between animal modes but lost their robot modes, poor Hawkeye is partially stuck in robot mode, unable to transform into anything. Half parakeet, half dog, and all robot...Hawkeye, the Transformer who can't. Coming to pieces in a store near you.