Dairycon Exclusives!

Allegiance: Dairycon
Name: Flatfoot
Function: Law Enforcement

Quote: "Thank you for your cooperation."

"Freeze, lawbreaker!" are usually the first words out of Flatfoot's mouth. A no-nonsense, strictly by-the-book fellow. Has the entire Cybertonain Codex committed to memory. A true law-man's law-man.

Sensors pick up the weakest radio transmission. Constantly tuned in to the police bands so that he can rapidly deploy to the trouble spots. Lights and sirens cause disorientation in his enemies. Armed with a semi-automatic laser pistol and a CO2 shotgun.

Sometimes overlooks the big picture in his efforts to enforce the smallest rule. Easily upset by human youth, especially in their wild defiance of any authority. Has been vandalized more than once while giving a lecture to inner-city ruffians. He once stopped mid-speech to find that he was up on blocks with his engine and tires missing.

Notes: Flatfoot in his original incarnation. I haven't decided if this will be his final form, or if I will go with a reformatted version.