Dairycon Exclusives!

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Allegiance: Dairycon
Name: Flatfoot
Function: Law Enforcement

Quote: "Thank you for your cooperation."

A former Autobot patrolman and current member of the Cobalt Sentries, Flatfoot continues to serve and protect in his role as advisor to Bunny Convoy, offering advice and wisdom when needed. Unflappable calm. When others lose their way, Flatfoot is there to steer them back in the right direction. Commands respect in any situation.

In beast-mode, sensors allow him unprecedented ability to track his opponents. Eyes can fire 9mm lazer bullets. In robot-mode, equipped with an electromagnetic shield, and energon-cuffs.

Flatfoot doesn't feel he can best serve the cause in his current configuration. He longs for his previous vehicle-mode. Is resentful for having been maximized; this interferes with his normally even-handed judgement.

Notes: Flatfoot is my continuation of recycling Mc-beasts from the 90's. Bet people can't guess what the next one will be. :-)