Allegiance: Toiletbot
Name: Super-Fire-Toiletbot
Function: Battle Protocols

Quote: "We'll stop the red stuff, with the wet stuff!"

Toiletbot is transformed! Arriving on Earth following the Transformers, SFTB takes on a new form to better blend in with his enviornment...or so he thinks.

New form has enhanced flushing ability. Can project twin jets of water from his shoulder-mounted launchers (good for putting out those fires in high-rises). Plunger partner/vehicle transforms from a high-speed attack vehicle to a Mini-Con reprogramming bay(capable of wiping out Megatron's evil brain-washing). When combined with Plunger, can generate his powerful Toilet Water Cannon blast, capable of leveling a city block with one shot.

Not well-suited to earthen enviornment. Alt-mode of a toilet allows him only limited disguise situations. Not well-balanced; can topple over from toilet-cannon blast when combined with Plunger.

Notes: Yeah, it's cheesy. These are pics from before I finished him, so apologies for the 'prototype' look. Like always, I'm making fun of a number of different concepts; the actionamster rumbler/slicer suits, Mini-Cons, and of-course combining for more power. And it wouldn'tbe me if I didn't toss in a Toiletbot! Besides, toilets...water...putting out fires? It's a natural!

Parts to make plunger include a pair of tm rattrap legs, 2 back-ends (with wheels) to a tm ratty, an armorhide cannon, and a claw/saw to a vintage zoids-type robot. Toiletbot is made, as always, from a toilet. :-)