Allegiance: Autobot
Name: Ole Pimpy
Function: Wrecker's Battlesuit

Quote: "Wreck and Rule!"

Sometimes, even the most hardcore wreck-and-rule Autobot needs that edge in battle to make him a survivor. That's where ole-pimpy comes in. A custom-made Wreckers Battlesuit, piloted by Twintwist. Let's see Galvatron try to blast his way thru this beauty. :-) Whether stomping future decepticons into pulp or wading thru timestreams, Ole Pimpy is there to get you by!

Notes: What notes? It's a kryptonian battlesuit painted a lovely shade of blue, with an autobot emblem painted on! But I had fun making it. Judging by many of this year (and last year's) projects, I seem to have an unhealthy fascination with Twintwist. Like the classic "Brawn is not dead!" line, I feel that Twintwist isn't dead. At least, not in my universe. :-) I've made him a transforming toilet, I've made him an ultimate transformer, I've made him a pretender, and now I've made him a protective battlesuit. I need to get a life.