...and to think, this one started because someone called someone else a TruckMonkey...

Allegiance: Darned if we know
Name: TruckMonkey
Function: Leader

Quote: "Move over, King Kong, because freedom is the right of all sentient beings, and that's just Prime with us!"

The first Autobot-Maximal Fuzor! Tired of their fans always arguing which Optimus was the REAL Optimus, Prime and Primal decided to combine their strengths...literally. TruckMonkey is the result.

Unparalled strength in ape mode. Equipped with biogenetically-reengineered cybernetically-fused mega-blast missle cannons in both arms of his robot mode. When they are deployed, he is literally a walking combat deck. He has the largest, strongest wisest brain center of all the Autobots. His speeches are capable of motivating his troops up to 1200 miles away from him. He fights unceasingly for the protection of all life. Techno-Organic truck mode allows him movement on flat road surfaces. Injury to one part of him is felt by the other part of him.

By being a meld of both Primal and Prime, he is literally full of himself. Too-much Optimus is not a good thing. Often, he will get so wrapped up in his epic motivational speeches that he won't notice that the others have already rolled out without him. His ape-mode has no weapons to speak off other than his tremendous fist, limiting his ability to climb trees and swing from vines. Techno-organic truck-mode is unable to move fast, or haul much freight. He's a big, heroic target. Primus bless his enemies' aim...

Notes: This thing came to fruitation after a friend of mine in a mailing list called another friend a TruckMonkey. This insult was referring to a post way back in the day on ATT that had a rather bad speller trying to state the muddled thought: 'trukk not monkee'. It's become a bit of the TF culture. This is my little way of remembering it...by combining the two characters. Now, literally, the truck IS the monkey...imagine the bombasity.

The unit DOES transform, incidentally. Just not very well. Robot mode is nice, ape mode is passable (the monkey face on his back will flip up, and you can sort of scrunch him)...but the truck mode is just awful. I took the wheel pieces off. They looked too-clunky on his legs. He's built from the gutted body of Primal, and the head, windows, and front grill of Prime. Initially, he had wheels glued to his legs and hips. (Yes, I will add more pictures, if you REALLY want me to.) :-)

His entire tech spec is written with a specific humor in-mind. Hopefully, most of the in-jokes will be obvious. :-)

Until all are one. Hehe.