Future Autocon Exclusives!!

(from DTF, Cybcon, and DBCTF)

Note: These figures are a give-away item from Autocon, and will be available exclusively at the Dutchbotcon, CybCon, and Dairycon Conventions.

2005 Exclusive: Huffer

Allegiance: Unicron
Name: Huffer
Function: Herald

Huffer is cynical, hardboiled, and pessimistic, always seeing the world thru sludge-colored windshields. He is, at best, unsociable, and unhappy. Thus, it came to pass that the Dark God found everything he could want in a herald. He sent the Autobot ahead to foretell of his coming. Huffer so depressed the inhabitants of his universe's Cybertron that there was no resistance when Unicron appeared, and subsequently consumed, the planet. Unicron was so impressed with Huffer's work that he began a new mission: populate the multiverse with Huffers. Thus, with the gathered sparks of all the consumed Cybertonians, he cloned the Herald, over and over, embued each with a spark from a fallen warrior, and sent them all over the universe to warn of his coming.

The future of Autocon exclusives is now! Everyone on the group seems to love minibots. Unfortunately, there is a high cost involved in producing these figures. In order to maximise profits, we made a one-time purchase of a single minibot mold. Our plan is to release a different color of this minibot year after year. I've written the above story to explain the 'existence' of different characters that all look the same. Below are the colors and release dates of the Autocon exclusives, so that you may all plan ahead in your collecting.

Each exclusive will be housed in an attractive brown paper bag, stapled, with the year written in marker on the outside of the package(so you can keep them 'sealed' in the package).

2005 Exclusive: Huffer As Bumblebee

2006 Exclusive: Huffer as Shockwave

There was also an exclusive Lucky Draw version of Shockwave available at the Dairycon Convention: Shockwave as Heffer.

2007 Exclusive: Huffer as Hoist

2008 Exclusive: Huffer as Prime

2009 Exclusive: Huffer as G1 Scourge

2010 Exclusive: Huffer as Reverse Evolution Huffer, or 'Pipes'

This is by far our most favorite version yet.

2011 Exclusive: Huffer as Universe Ratchet

Another bonus, this one comes with a tampo of sirens on the front, as well as a cross sticker on the door.

2012 Exclusive: Gears as 'Reverse Evolution Gears'

By this time, we will have made enough money selling recolors of the Huffer mold that we'll be able to afford to purchase a second mold: The most popular vote at this time suggests a Universe filled with recolors of Gears.