Dairycon 2006 Lucky Draw Exclusive!
Allegiance: Dairycon
Name: Heffer
Function: Grazer

Quote: "Mooo."

A more recent addition to the ranks, Heffer is most often referred to as, "the last one off the Turnip Truck," (on the trip from the Dairycon Universe to Wisconsin). However, he is welcomed in the local taverns in the moo-state, and can always be counted on in a brawl.

Heffer is not afraid to throw his weight around. As one of the stronger Dairycons, Heffer can haul up to 100000lbs, and knock over a freight train with one push. The Cow-catchers mounted on front in vehicle mode deflect the most intense artillary barrage. Heff-mounted weapons in hands allow him to bale hay or chew cud in the most dire of circumstances.

As the least fuel-efficient of the Dairycons, Heffer is often, 'put out to pasture', and unable to go into battle. "The Wisconsin gas prices are just too high", says the gas-guzzling semi-truck. This has made him intolerant and bitter. Not even his old pal Uncle Whiskey Breath can cheer him up when he gets in one of those moods.

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Notes: Created by Jack originally as an art-contest entry, Heffer was soon featured in the ongoing Dairycon saga! Kudos to Shawn for the production version. There are significant differences between the prototype and production versions (painted versus colored, the new horns, etc). Only 5 Heffers were produced (and raffled off at the convention). (See the prototype vs the production version here.) See more prototype pics from last year's convention here:

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It was interesting to note that this toy *was* hinted at by use of the following page: huffer.html