Allegiance: Mutant(neutral)
Name: New Mayham Attack Squad
Function: Sub-urban Demolitions

Quote: "We have Joy, we have Fun, we have Seasons in the Sun..."

These three former Autobot heroes found it appropriate to revive an enemies' namesake, considering they now battle their own kind. Hardhead, Bigshot, and Cloudburst disagree with the Maximal reformatting of Cybertron, and work behind the scenes to purge their home...and themselves...of the organic menace. Usually found deep within the bowls of Cybertron, they busily uproot plants, destroy fossil records, and conduct experiments to purge themselves of their own organics. Few records of Megatron's experiments exist, so they've had to do most of their work from scratch, with sometimes disasterous results.

Able to still partially transform from robot to vehicle, Hardhead uses the speed from his old tank mode to traverse quickly over rough terrain, firing his plasma cannon along the way. Cloudburst can fully transform between his two organic modes. He uses his winged-cat mode to fly in high over enemies and slash them to bits with his claw and his vibro-whip. In snake-mode, he slithers under most bots' receptors and rends them from below with a single mighty bite. Bigshot uses his back-mounted cannon to launch 60mm mortars nonstop into enemy camp from a distance. That way, they're softened up when the others arrive.

Because of earlier attempts to rid themselves of the organics from their own bodies, Hardhead is only able to convert only partially to his plasma-tank mode, rendering his ability to disguise useless. Bigshot has no transformation at all, and sticks out like a sore thumb wherever he is. And Cloudburst can only convert from winged cat to dino-snake mode, with no use of his legs or his robot mode. It's the loss of their original, pure forms that angers them most of all. Not being on any side in the war has made them enemies in both factions.


Notes: Well, actually, I built the bots first, then looked at tfs to decide who they would most likely have been. I'd already had the story in mind...imagine my surprise when I came up with three Autobots. :-) Hardhead is my favorite tank, so of course he'd make it to the next generation...The only tf I could remember holding a whip was cloudburst, so he came along for the ride...and of course, with a big gun on his back, what better TF to be #3 than Bigshot? Ironic that he's the biggest of the three, considering he started out as a Micromaster. :-) All's fair in Love and War!