RID 2009

Lesser-known from the imaginary Robots In Disguise 2009 line is RID FireConvoy, a recolor/remold of the 2009 Universe Inferno toy.

Of particular interest is the 2009 RID 2009 Ruination, made from a combination (hehe) of Universe, Movie, Animated, and Henkei Classics toys.

Also included for your pleasure are some in-process pictures of the same. Obviously, I haven't had time to craft the fists to this behemouth, nor have I finished the weathering and paintapps...but frankly, by the time I do, he'll be on display on my shelf, and I won't want to bother with pictures. Since I was this close, well...good enough is. ;-) Here's a look at both of them to see they are in-scale with each other (more or less).

Obviously, I'm thrilled with the notion that RID Fireconvoy doesn't exactly exist; there's Carrobots FireConvoy (various) and RID Prime, but since many of us use the terms interchangeably, to the irritation of verbage arshehoels everywhere...now you can have your RiD Fire Convoy (and eat it, too).

Aren't the colors great on RID Ruination? His component parts are almost- Bruticus in form and function...