High Stakes Monopoly!

Austin Powers, I choose You!

So the youngster and I engage in the family tradition of game night. This has developed, over the last few years, into a running rivalry with Monopoly. After the adults and other children tire themselves out on CLUE and Pictureka, we bust out the big guns. A few brave souls join us in the beginning.

We've added several elements to the game play, not the least of which are different game pieces :-) Hey, I'm old, I can't see those little tokens anymore. Most of it is fun, some silly (I still can''t used to the idea of gambling your property away with the roll of the dice), all of it is taken very seriously. This isn't just a game, darn it! This is for the win! Mwuahahah!

It takes a while for us to bankrupt everyone else, and divvy up the loot. Hotels are placed on all the properties. Then - the real game begins. This runs five hours or more. We're having to introduce LIFE money at this point, because the dollar amounts get so high.

There's additional dice, so we can zip thru the board faster. All the money paid out goes into free parking.

We're making new cards and sneaking them into the draw deck before next week. That way, one of us can draw the 'automatically win game' card about halfway in. :-)

I think there's a lesson in this, somewhere. Though I suppose mostly it's to make sure he puts me in a good nursing home when I tire.