Xbox 360

For reals! Game play just got deadly!

A present for my nephew. He wanted a Decepticon symbol on his game system. A reminder of where it came from. The system survived a house fire. Intact. His theory is that the Decepticons were behind it.

Hard to disagree. The property also contains that 70's camaro, in about the correct shape. His father drives the Optimus Prime truck from 07. As I live the 80's cartoon, he lives the 2007 movie. Gotta love him. :-)

If you look at the pics, the top most symbol is blended carefully, subtly into the top cover (to match the look of the device) and designed to 'weather' along with it.

Since it's a foreign device, of-course you have to have the 'blurks' on the back of the contraption!

And of-course, since I'm traditional (and it was his original request), I placed the loud symbol on the other side of the case.

All parties satisfied.