...now that's what I call a Jazz band (heheh).

Notes: This thing never came out to my liking. It used to be attached to the Night at the Autobop diorama (the drunk TFs). Then, it was made with three Jazz's playing instruments. It was called NATA: Jazz Band. (The 'Jazz band' joke fit at that point.) Then I seperated it, changed three Jazz units to one Jazz, Prime, and Cheetor, and had little humans dancing around on the stage. At that point, I called it a 'Big Band' (a play on the slang from an earlier era) and still had it tied to Autobop. I realised that if music was involved, Blaster had to join the group. He made a good amplifier in a number of episodes. :-) So he reprised his work here. At that point, I dropped the 'NATA' off the title, and changed the name to Cheetor and the Bigbots (a play on 'Josie and the Pussycats'...you see, cheetor is a cat, and...oh, never mind). I was left with this odd piece. I had too-much invested in it to just dump it. So here it sits, a conglomeration of several jokes that never quite fit together the way I wanted. Oh well. I suppose compared to working on Toiletbots, this is a nice change of pace. :-)