Allegiance: Cobra
Name: Devastator
Function: Gestault Warrior

Quote: "Thinking and winning do not mix."

Megatron's most formidable killing machine has been turned to the cause of a terrorist organization named Cobra. A bizarre combination of six constructicons. Sole purpose is to crush everything in his path. Enormous height, incredible strength- can knock down a bridge with one punch. Has 10,000-degree solar energy rifle.

Notes: I've always wanted to turn the Build Team into a proper incarnation of Devastator. The only reason he has the big Cobra symbol on the front is...well, it looked better than the superwing chest plate. :-) Plus, it just seemd appropriate somehow, considering the direction of a certain comic these days. Maybe the Constructicons will be in it, maybe they won't. Either way, I got what I wanted.

(See Also: Micromaster Devastator)