Dairycon 2002 Exclusive!

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Allegiance: Dairycon
Name: Electrum Beast
Function: Indigestion Agent

Quote: "Cheese, the other white meat."

This is one 'bot who can really 'cut the cheese'. Sent by Optimus to guard the electrum-cheddar pools of Wisconsin.

Cheddar-armor is resistant to most forms of ammunition. Has a sharp bite. Can swim unnoticed under the surface, suddenly swooping up from underneath when you least expect it(usually in an hour or so).

Ironically, Electrum Beast is lactose-intolerant. Ritz crackers go where no bullet can, disabling him instantly. His armor is rendered useless if he is out of the electrum-cheddar for too-long. Rolaids only speed-up the process.

Click for full-size Tech Spec!

Allegiance: Dairycon
Name: Campaign Car
Function: Shill-bidder

Quote: "C10 case fresh! Only one of me made!"

Has a superiority complex. Thinks he is extremely rare and valuable. Doesn't release he's actually a cheap knockoff.

Chrome sparkle can hypnotize unsuspecting targets, making them spend obscene amounts of money on him. Will disappear with the money and reappear weeks later sporting a different identity. Unfortunately, he's the same old product.

Ego crushed when presented with proof of his lackluster value. Flies into a rage, then will go into a funk for weeks, not speaking to anyone. Breaks easily when transforming. Chrome finish prone to flaking.

Notes: Fellow Dairylander Northern and I teamed up for this one. We needed exclusive toys for the convention...personally, I think his Magnus repaint is WAY cooler than my Manta-ray recolor. :-) On the upside, I suppose I spent less than he did...

After seeing the exclusives, Esteban (of Autocon fame) was quoted as saying: "Ah Dairycon. The only Transformer convention with exclusive toys you can eat! Electrum Beast looks absolutely delicious-I'm assuming he's the dinner exclusive. And not only do Dairycon exclusives taste good, they're good for you. Campaign car is a scathing satire of reissue recolors and those who collect them. While reading his tech I found myself shocked, overjoyed, humiliated, embarrased, and offended. (Reminded me of going out on a date.) I had to think-is this me? Am I the kind of collector that's caught in a circle of senselessly buying the same toy over and over just because it's painted a shiny new different color?


Oh, and is Campaign Car a female character in her teens? I thought so because it's pretty to look at and wanted by many, but in the end it's not worth the hassle of getting it and it's not good for much."