Allegiance: Autobot
Name: Disco-Prime
Function:Lord of the Dance

Quote:"Dance is the right of all groovin' beings."

First featured in the episode, "The Key to Saturday Night Fever". Steve recalls: "The explosive finale that had Prime and Motormaster in a dance-off under the Vector Sigma disco ball was classic."

His ability to 'get down' is unmatched among the Autobots. Able to hit the beat with precision. Able to split into 4 autonomous modules: 1) Disco-Prime, the brain center known as Commander. 2) Roller, the ghetto-cruiser, who can operate up to 5 blocks away. 3) FlyGirl, the dance-master component, which gives Prime an extra boost when hitting the grooves. 4) Dance Club, the trailer module, able to create dazzling light and sound shows. When combined with his dance-partner FlyGirl, he is able to use his patented, 'Disco Inferno' wave to finish off his opponents.

Damage to any one component is felt by the other three. Can be driven into a depression when told that Disco is dead.

Notes: Again, not my fault. :-) A post on Autocon from Ben suggested, "My bet is a multi colored rainbow 1970's Edition Prime with a built-in mp3 player and lots of Pink Floyd mp3s. I have been wrong before though." Hehe. The rainbow in the pic is actually off a pink-floyd album cover.