Mysterybot2 has been named, thanks to

He had no faction, no was a mystery what he did until now:

Allegiance: Vehicon
Name: Dustbuster
Function: Maximal Expunger

Quote: "Mean bots suck...and I'm the meanest."

A one-bot cleaning machine, Dustbuster is here to clean your clock...and take your spark as payment.

Charged with cleaning up the wreckage of sparkless transformer bodies in the Great Burning Cities. With his mighty vacuum hand, Dustbuster can suck the paint off a bot at 10,000 yards, or a spark out of his carcass at 500. Can also get rid of nasty oil stains along with those hard to get out Grease stains, leaving Cybertron clear and lusterous.

Prone to debilitating bouts of anal-retentiveness-will continue to clean a spot obsessively if there is even a micron of dust on it. Vacuum bag can be jammed with a large-enough chunk of debris. Gyros suseptable to interference, toppling dustbuster and rendering him immobile.