Hoist's Repair Shop

Thanks to everyone who voted for me. Hoists Repair Shop took Diorama at Botcon 2004. Yay. :-)

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The text on the small print: various small in-jokes that people may or may not have gotten:

"Today's Checklist:"

Sideswipe: Parked in a bad neighborhood.
Prowl: Run over by Blitzwing.
Smokescreen: Ditto.
Bluestreak: Needs a recharge.
Ironhide: Heroic nonsense.
Windcharger: Nothing better to do than die tonight.
Jazz: Needs cybertonium.
Brawn: Got a new toy.

Notes: Not much to say, except that I have fun playing with my toys...and the idea of Powerglide with an arc welder frightens me in ways I do not understand. :-) Serously, your banged up, played with transformers have use...some would say they mean even more to you than your nice ones. I'm tempted to agree, because I get to play with these toys, without fear, and that's what it's really all about, in the end. I hope people enjoyed the episodes and movie references. :-)