Beast Machines Bruticus!

Vehicons, Unite!

I've been waiting and waiting for a BM merge group to be released by Hasbro America...and it has yet to happen! Closest new combiner we get is the Japanese Build King, which is nice, but not what I wanted. :-) So I built one of my own, utilizing Vehicons I picked up from WalMart at 3am this morning.

Believe it or not, this fellow actually stands! And holds together! I'm thinking the names should be changed, since the vehicles match up pretty well: Blastchare becomes Onslaught, Tankorr becomes Brawl, Obsidian becomes Vortex. Calling Jetstorm Blastoff is a stretch, as is Mirage becoming Swindle. And there's no explanation for Scavanger! But who cares? I like him...

This team has several different abilities. Mirage and Scavanger of course combine into the ever-popular BM Trypticon, while Blastcharge and Tankorr combine into a super-vehicle. I'll add more to this as I think of it. :-) Is he cheesy? Of course! But we still love him...yes, I'll add the BM Thrust cycle s soon as I get another one in, have no fear. :-)

Wanna see how the parts fit together? Click here!