The Minibot Battle Brigade!

The way '5 faces of Darkness' should have ended...

Outback: Well, well...look what my trusty Decepticon Detector spotted.

Warpath: And Zam! With this new Battlewagon Pow! We'll knock him into next week!

Trypticon: But I hold your comrade hostage.

Huffer: Yea right, like we care about that rhyming little idiot.

Trypticon: Crap.

Powerglide: Let's get him, boys!

Brawn: And I'm not dead!

All: Aeiiiiii!!!!

Notes: I thought it sucked that Tryppy was able to squash all the minibots, and destroy the volcano where the ark was held. Seems to me such an important site would be better-armed. That's why my minibots have been equipped with fusion cannons, and a Battle Wagon to aid them in their cause.