Allegiance: Junkion
Name: Dawg
Altmode: Multirole Tank
Function: Security Expert

Quote:"Primus, I'm comin' ta meet ya!"

DAWG, like most if not all JUNKIONS, takes his role and personality from Terran television. In his case, WAY too much Sanford & Son. He has decided that the entire planet of Junk is his junkyard, and he protects it as fiercely as his cobbled-together body lets him. In tank mode, he can do a little of everything, but not much of anything...shoot some, dig some, climb some. He's submersible too, but smells horrible for days after getting wet.

STR 7 INT 5 SPD 3 END 8 COUR 9 RNK 4 FRB 6 SKL 6 Avg 6

Notes: Thanks to Dave Van Domelen, who created the bio and techs for this fellow in the Name that MysteryBot post. :-) Parts to make this figure include a Beast Machines Tankor body, Armada Thrust, G2 Scavanger, Beast Wars Jawbreaker, and a Starwars BattleDroid.