Allegiance: Various
Name: Monkeybots (Inferion)
Function: Cannon-fodder

Quote: "ooh-ooh...eeh-eeh...aaaaak!(boom)"

Inferion, the Beast Wars combiner! Half the barrel at twice the cost. Five monkeybots, all with the same abilities and limitations (basically, no abilities and lots of limitations) come together to form Inferion!

Inferion thinks like a Predacon, but has the heart of a Maximal. He has all the abilities of his component parts, but these abilities tend to cancel each other out, rendering him worthless in battle. Never sure what side he is supposed to fight on, he usually just stands there until shot down.

Inferion. He sees no, hears no, and speaks no. (Pun In-Process)


Monkeybot 1: Maximal: Jungle. The calmest Monkeybot. At one with the trees, and the grass. Special skills include an extra-long reach for climbing into trees to take a nap. Can spot ganja at 40,000 feet. Rolls a joint in .02 seconds. Forms a foot to Inferion.

Monkeybot 2: Maximal: Water. Can hold his breath a reeeaaallly long time underwater. Unlike his fellow Monkeybots, actually enjoys taking a bath. Has a blade in-place of one hand, which he uses to cut banannas down from trees. Spits water upwards of 10 feet. Forms an arm to Inferion.

Monkeybot 3: Predacon: Fire. Burns everything. Likes eating hot peppers and bean vines, so his...emanations are explosive. The safest of the Monkeybots, as no one can sneak up on him. Has an extra-long reach, for grabbing more beans and peppers. Very excitable and skittish. Forms a leg to Inferion.

Monkeybot 4: Predacon: Tar. Never bathes. Emits a horrible odor. No one is sure what he looks like under all the dirt. Likes to play in mud-puddles. Has a dull rusty blade in-place of one hand. Forms an arm to Inferion.

Monkeybot 5: Neutral: Gold. Takes no sides in a conflict. Highly philosophical; spends most of his time meditating.The holder of the sparks; often referred to as Budda-bot. Can usually pull the others together in a crisis. Has four arms; we're not sure what he does with them all. Forms body and head to Inferion.

Notes: This project was put together waaayyyy back in 1999. I was going to display it at Botcon 2000, but was unable to for two reasons; one was that he broke during transport. Another was that even *I* was too-embarrassed to show this one. (My, how times have changed.) If building your own set (why?) they are/can be more or less all the same color; I simply painted the chests on the loose set in order to help me tell them apart when I was writing the characters. Which, again, I wrote back in the day. I'd like to think my humor is much more subtle and refined these days. Er, yeah. Ahem.

I forget how many of these guys it took to make two sets; probably 16 Optimus Minors to make the 10 (plus two Scarems for the blade-hands, and the multi-joints on the 6-armed monkey). Yes, I needed two sets of Monkeybots. Doesn't everyone? One pair has blade-hands; another set has extra joints in the arms, allowing them to reach high (or drag their knuckles). The other-one, yeah. He has a lot of arms. And stuff.

The card-art is rebuilt from the one I did a few years ago. I originally created a new cardback and front to attach to a bubble for display. Now, there's just this pic...for fun, I replaced a monkeybot with Glyph. Mighty Wheelie and the Jumpstarter were on the original one. :-)

Yeah, I know, I know, the in-jokes on this one probably only entertain me (Voltron, Blot, Shaggy, Shiva, etc.). And no, frankly, I have no idea what I was thinking when I built this. I guess I was trying to find a purpose for such a useless Transformer. As you can see, I've failed miserably. :-) But I do plan to try again. Now that I've finally repaired Inferion, it's only a matter of time...