Allegiance: Autobot
Name: Goldbug
Function: Espionage

Quote: "In order to know others, you must first know yourself."

Bumblebee is back in the fight, as a warrior in the post BeastMachines era. Reformatted into a techno-organic vehicle, he maintains hints of his original robotic form, but with Oracle-era enhancements. As Goldbug, he is an amalgum of old and new technologies. His floating spark was one of many recovered and placed into a new techno-organic body. Because of the strength of his spark, the body maintains components of his earthen machine form, despite the organic overlays. He has a complete memory of his past forms.

Note: Please read the fanfic Crime and Punishment for the background story on this kitbash.

Thanks to his techno-organic nature, Goldbug is hidden from prying sensors in either robot or vehicle modes. Able to operate in a variety of enviornments. Sensor probes allow him spy from long distances, on land or in the air. Techno-organic structure allows him an unmeasured degree of flexibility not available to him in previous bodies.

Although one of the 'new' techno-organic Cybertonians, grateful to Primal and company for his rescue, his loyalties are firmly with the Autobots and their goal of ultimately undoing the Maximal's handiwork on Cybertron.