Allegiance: Autobot
Name: Twintwist
Function: Infiltration/Demolitions

Quote:"War is wherever I want it to be."

TwinTwist takes the fight to the enemy. Disguised as Fangry, he walks un-noticed into the Decepticon camp, where he reveals himself, and attacks. Nothing feels better to him than sinking his claws into a slab of metal, or a Decepticon hide. Loves the scrap-metal results of his destructive fury. Has diamond-tipped slasher-claw, and twin-gatling ion-blasters.

Notes: As usual, this thing built itself out of the scrap I had lying on my workbench. Since I couldn't decide on which head looked better on him (robot or animal) I decided to use both. That reminded me of Agent Faces from the new GI Joe Spytroops line of figures, so I thought...hey, why not? ;-) They're both Hasbro properties, and all...

Parts used to make this figure include a shining gundam, a heman bat-pack, beastwars Jawbreaker, Armada Thrust, and a Spawn chicken.

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