Allegiance: Autobot
Name: Ultimate Twintwist
Function: Demolitions

Quote: "War is wherever I want it to be."

Nothing feels better to him than sinking his drills into a slab of metal. Loves the scrap-metal results of his destructive fury. Has 20,000rpm diamond-tipped drills, and an ion-blaster.

Hello, I'm Ultimate TwinTwist.

...and this is my weapon of choice.

These two up here in my shoulders are the reason I'm called 'TwinTwist'.

I also have this blaster cannon.

Look! My chest opens just like Prime! I have a secret in there.

TwinTwist, Final Mode! Deploy drills and main-cannon!

FIRE!! I can either shoot from the cannon, or I can use the in-and-out motion to drill into things.

Wooooweee! I'm spent. All that drilling sure takes it out of a guy.

Well, it looks like my job is done here. Farewell!

Notes: There are two other pictures I didn't use up there. :-) One is where he deploys his full arsenal of drill-missles, including his two secret ones (ala SOG). (Pic. The other one is a shot where he's, er...deploying the two secret drill missles along with everything else. (Pic) Since these shots don't fit the overall pattern, I've left them here.

I have no explanation for this. I was working on something else at the time...oddly enough, I took him to Botcon. (Pic) With the little Galvatron PVC getting crushed underfoot, I imagine that this Wreckers fellow would get his Ultimate revenge. :-)