Allegiance: Legion
Name: Supreme Toiletbot
Function: Toiletbot of Justice

Quote: "A clean Toilet is the right of all sentient beings"

Toiletbot has been reformatted! Ambushed and nearly destroyed by Evil Toiletbot and his Minions, Toiletbot was touched by the Oracle of Sigma, rebuilding him into the ultimate legion warrior. Undeniably noble and instilled with a roll of convictions, he inspires Legions with glorious tales of Cybertron's past. His own past, however, is shrouded in mystery...

Deflector shields on arms and twin toilet-water cannons in chest are accessable to him in each of his three modes: robot, Toilet, and flying jet-toilet. Can launch incendiary paper rolls from his gun in robot mode. Lower torso equipped with titanium drill-turd missles.

The inability to comprehend his own origins is a source of a chronic processing glitch in his toilet-core, and thus his only weakness.


Notes: This is my largest, and probably last Toiletbot. I'm pretty sure I've exhausted all the possibilities at this point. This fellow is made from parts of Optimal Optimus, and a singing Toilet from Kaybee. Yes, I left the electronics intact, so the thing talks, sings, gyrates, and hops. It's very annoying.