Cheesehead II: Electric Bugaloo!

Garrison Raffle Redux

The latest Cheesehead Garrison Raffle has come and gone. Like previous Raffles, there was good, there was bad... and there was funny.

Here's the funny. :-)

Yes, you're seeing this correctly. What you have here are two key pieces in the Epic Saga: the infamous Winnie the Pooh Bounty Hunters, and of course a toked-up Nemodian, which is why a child could blow up the entire droid armada. Look at the guy's face. He's high as a kite. No wonder the special Eposide One bonus pack-in was a maryjane test kit.

It gets worse.

This was described as The Pinnacle. Let's see if we can puzzle out what's going on: the pit crew of a Raceway are feverishly working on a fire engine. There's a cat doing his business in a litter box, while a bag of salty snax stands by. On the other side, senator Bail Organa is being molested by what we hope is a female Rodian, and not Greedo in Drag. The text blurb reads the following: "Lando Carlrissian, former owner of the Millenium Falcon, welcomes his old friend Han Solo to Cloud City. Unbeknownest to Solo, Lando is leading the Rebels into an Imperial Trap set by Darth Vader."

Yep. Perfect.

And of-course, the special mystery prize this time out:

Secret Missions #2: On the Mon Calmari homeworld, steps are being taken to twart the poachers of Reece's Fancy Octopus.

There was more, but they weren't nearly as highbrow as this.