Combiners Unite! Computron vs Bruticus

Combiners Unite! Computron vs Bruticus

The story: Starscream has resurrected his most powerful fighting team! The COMBATICONS, led by ONSLAUGHT, plan to wrest control of the Decepticons from Megatron. With BRAWL, SWINDLE, VORTEX, and BLASTOFF, they combine into the most powerful warrior the Decepticons have: BRUTICUS!

But the Autobots are not defeated yet. SCATTERSHOT, along with his Mini-Con partner NOSECONE, have teamed up with LIGHTSPEED, STRAFE, and AFTERBURNER. These TECHNOBOTS posess a secret of their own: when combined, they form the smartest gestault fighter to ever enter the fray. They are COMPUTRON!

But enough words... onward with the fight!


Bruticus smash puny Autobot!

Not so fast, monster. This team can overcome any challenge!

Prime is correct. According to my calculations, you are already beaten.


This was a leftover pic I had when I was experimenting with this being the front of the gestault. I like my final choice much better. :-)

Notes: The goal with these particular projects was to make a 'classic' (in the G1 sense) team using modern TFs, and as few paintapps/modifications as possible. I consider these to be some of my favs out of the line, and I have to say, that the 'modern' TFs, whether intentional or not, neatly lent themselves to this. Bruticus was made from Universe Onslaught, Henkai Astrotrain, Movie Brawl, Animated Swindle, and Movie Blackout. Computron was made from Universe Blaster, Armada Mini-Con Drillbit, Cybertron Swerve (Clocker recolor), Cybertron Ransack, and Energon Strongarm. The obvious add-ons were a set of gestault accs (real G1 in Computron's case, KO ones for Bruticus 'cause I liked the color better).

That's it for me. Hope you enjoyed this little looky-loo.

Fred. Please insert witty line here.