"The planet cried out for heroes...this is what they got."

Mystery Bots...THEY'RE A MYSTERY TO US...

by Fred's Workshop

DinoTron as
BlackArachnia as
Optimus Primal as
"The Blue Raja-Packer"
"The Super-Girl Barbie-Bowler"
"Capt. Amazing-ingly Furious"

Here's a close-up:

Note: Who says Maximals can't have guns and cool shades?

Yea, I know...I had just seen the movie 'Mystery Men', and this is what resulted. Unless you've seen teh movie, most of the 'in-jokes' don't make sense. Dinotron is called the Blue-Raja (Packer) because there's nothing blue on him, and he's wearing a Packers vest (symbol is obscured unless you're looking straight on), which, ironically, matches his color-coding. He's now the Dairyland Mascot. :-) Primal is a combination of Captain Amazing and Mr Furious, because quite frankly it fit his character in Beast Machines...I thoght the dude was bi-polar. :-) BA is called what she is, and looks like she does because...well, use your imagination. I really hate having to explain these things. :-) Go see the movie!