Allegiance: Maximal
Faction: Mutant
Name: ShadowRaptor
Function: Assasin

Quote: "If you can see me you're already dead.

The only surviving member of a once-proud, honor-bound clan. Ravaged by Megatron's Virus, ShadowRaptor is forever caught between his robotic and reptilian modes. Ironically, this makes him more powerful than either mode did seperately. He spends his days in the darkness of Cybertron, hunting down those responsible for his family's destruction.

As his name implies, ShadowRaptor prefers the darkness. Able to conceal himself from detection because of his hybrid nature, he is invisible until he chooses NOT to be, usually at the moment he strikes. He revels in the look of fear on his victim's face as he makes the killing blow, the look forever frozen on his victim's corpse. His body's natural resistance to detection is further enhanced with cloaking fields. His weapons include a dark-sabre, and a surviving family relic, an ancient shell-gun from the Great Wars.

No known physical weaknesses, but anyone who knows his history can try to manipulate him for their own purposes, if they dare.

Note: What motivated me to create this guy? Who knows. I always think about Ravage as represented in BM, and I thought a cloaking field was a nice idea. I also liked the look of the dinobot toy with the raptor's head as the main head for the humaniod form. Until Mutants came into the picture, I couldn't see how I could justify having it look this way while still (in my mind) somehow have it fit into the tf canon at large.

I picture his personality as that of Dinobots, but with a lot more emotional bagage. Hence, the idea that someone so honor-bound would sneak around doing the work he does.