Allegiance: Decepticon
Name: ButtGun
Function: Sarcasm

Quote: "...I'm a gestault? Yea, and monkeys will come flying out of my butt..."

ButtGun's only reason for existing is to make fun of Supermode Prime. Unable to to defeat Prime when he was wearing his Battlepants, the Decepticons rebuilt and renamed Cyclonus into ButtGun... and gave him a pair of pants. Thus, the reign of BattlePants Buttgun was born.

Buttgun transforms into a triple-barreled anti-aircraft cannon. In this mode, he is capable of...well, it doesn't really matter, now does it?

This is ButtGun, the fellow that really needs a better name. Isn't he cute?

ButtGun transforms into a cannon-emplacement(or anti-aircraft-cannon, if you prefer). Since he has three weapon-barrels in this mode, maybe we should call him Trigun(though belxul refers to it as his, 'Colon Cannon')...

...and this is the BattlePants jet:

...which, as you can see, transforms into the BattlePants:

Here is the combined mode. ButtGun turns into the top half of the super-mode, and puts on his pants:

And thus, Supermode ButtGun(or if you prefer, BattlePants ButtGun) is born. In this last picture, you can see that he uses the twin-barreled weapon from the Battlepants Jet as his gestault gun.

Notes: I set out to make fun of the 'BattlePants' concept in Armada, built this toy for that purpose...and prompty blanked on the appropriate verbage. So I went with something less-than-ideal, at least until someone can e-mail me a better idea. Yea, it's true, I just never got used to the Armada Prime and his BattlePants. It was just...well, wrong. Plus, when he combines with Jetfire, you basically have a Gestault, which makes classifying him even worse...

Parts used to make this figure include a Beast Machines Mechatron, an Armada Thrust, a G1 TwinTwist, a Euro Predator Jet, a Gundam, and a knockoff Bruticus.